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    Alright, well first off, the show is called Minus's Corner Don't ask xD, I need actors to do these parts, so it's like.... I post a different episode on this wiki or I make up the wiki show, It's like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich [The shows not the people cause that's impossible.] Had a baby, that would be this show, so I will write the plot below, and you would need to act out what happens so like this.

    Me: Today we have a sadden user and her name is?

    User 1: Shaliene [Idk make one up for all I care]

    Me: Ok so you are here today with a secret, do you mind telling the audience?

    User 1: I ..... Have been cheating on mah husband for 30 yearrsss, [shows a picture of random person]


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