Steve is K.O from the Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia, He's been my best bud since yr 2 when Jocolene and the other kid.... Nippy? Idk but he stood by me, Defended me, he has no idea how much respect we all have for him, but the ultimate betrayl was that he wasn't there for Kerris child... I mean... You have don't know how much he had promised he would be there for her wedding... it was so hurtful...


Steve is very strict at times, but in his language that means I only care :3 He is very sarcastic at times, like he told me that the teacher *wasn't* coming but she was really JUST at the door, and she was listening to my plan on hiding my lollies, he covered up and said that I was only kidding... :3 Oh that Steve.


Steve is a very wise person I will tell you some of his quotes

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade if you have any cuts

One time I saw a chiauaua eat a panda... It was CRAZY

You know what... I HATE CARL SEGAN

Llamas once came to my house and ate all my jelly >.> so just a tip: Don't make friends with Llamas

''I'm so happy my shoes just ate my house... It was barking WAY too much

His affect on meEdit

Steve was always the one to stick up for me, no matter what Jocelene was doing to me.. You cared :3 It's the things like that give me hope man... You need to know that :D so this is for you.

This was my dream tower... it was originally for me... but you made me give it to you.

Sign here to show your love.Edit

Neveisalwayshereforyou:3 [AKA] NeveisCheese☼

Kerriwillalwaysapreciateyou [AKA] Kerri

Williamisyourfather [AKA] Willtocool

Sign more... all but you Dr Morris.... You made us all scared to death.

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