Sharon is currently in a unsteady, on again/off again relationship with her fiance Bill. She has had her right branch cut off, which is a TERRIBLE thing, and she luckily survived

Hard timesEdit

Sharon *thought* she overheard Bill saying she was only with her cause she was preggers, well she told Bill she had a misscarrige, Bill was so disspointed he couldn't handle seeing her.. He had to break up with her. Danny [The person who's loved her since they were born] Tried to be the *rebound* guy but FAILED. She ended up hooking up with Henry who works at the Tattoo Parlour, Danny[not taking it anymore] committed suicide, Sharon was bawling cause they recovered his diary and it was all aboot her, she was so sad, Henry broke up with her cause there was this crazy motorbike chick, he immediatly took the offer and road off to viva LAS MIRANDA KERR. Bill had got with another tree eventually named Pheobe Pheobe had kissed Bill in the past and broke up Sharon and Bill, but they ended up together again, when Sharon was marrying Bill she walked in and tried to steal him back, she couldn't so she went to voldemort. Voldemort didn't help so she poured 5 litres of milk on him cause he's allergic and killed him.

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