Kerri is Steve's wife, she gave birth at llamapartyfun hospital at 3:15PM while Steve was partying in New Zealend with his best pet Lina the Turtle who was built like a man.

The ChildEdit

The child was born, but Dr Morris said the child had died of Omgthatafroissoamazing Cancer, he obviously got it wrong cause he'd only seen a fake afro... it wasn't amazing.

Dr Morris then tried to put the baby to sleep to make his fact right, Kerri caught him in the act, but sadley, The baby is gonna grow up to be a horrible doctor.


Kerri is very cheerful, yet devious, Jellybeans.. yet jelly.She's into Rock and the sound of someone smashing into a wall. She likes to eat Pens, but she gave up for her child, but that was useless cause it ended up getting messed up by the STUPID DOCTOR. Kerri once had WAY too many pieces of bricks to eat and her hair turned to bricks. She is constanly falling over/smashing things/causing a havoc because... well...HER HAIR IS MADE OF BRICKS
Crying Bunny!
. She is very dumbly intelligent. She can/can't read she always reads the packet of tamatoe sauce when she buys it because she believes the nitwit fairys won't wake her up at 3AM in the morning.


She was the bully sometimes, like when the teacher told her to sit down... she set fire to the teachers milk in her fridge... True story.

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